Why is Pre-Employment Drug Testing Crucial?

When it comes to hiring new employees, it is important for companies to request a pre-employment drug testing for candidates, especially if the positions offered requires focus for safety. Can you trust a drug abuser with heavy machinery or handling kids? No? Exactly.

Safety first.

U.S. Department of Justice says that drug abuse costs American industry over $140 billion annually. 50% of on-the-job accidents is caused by employee drug abuse. By requiring a pre-employment drug testing, an employer can minimize the safety risks by choosing the right person for the job.

Performance and productivity.

Ideally you want employees with positive attitudes, to perform well. Drug use may lower their performance and productivity, which leads to inefficient workflow and declining profits. Drug users are more likely to miss appointments and/or targets or even skip work altogether. If a company loses profit due to the irregular productivity from a certain employee due to drug misuse, there is only one way out: LET THEM GO!

Save yourself from future problems.

Recruiting new staff is not fun. But firing one is even worse. You can save yourself from all these headaches by making the pre-employment drug testing mandatory for all candidates. This way you can use the results from the drug test to include with the screening process.

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