Why is My Employer Requesting LiveScan Fingerprints?

Today we find more and more employers request Livescan fingerprints from their employees. Why would they need that? Am I in trouble? You might wonder.

Well, yes, if you had criminal history in the past and you tried to hide it.

The line of work

If you are applying for work that relates to children, money, healthcare or government, it makes sense that your employer wants to make sure that you are safe to work with. Your fingerprint will allow them to learn about your past criminal history, as little as they might be, to help them decide that you are fit for the work or not.

What if you don’t want to do LiveScan fingerprints?

That is absolutely your right. Job applicants need to give consent that their fingerprints will be recorded. So if you refuse, the worst outcome is you won’t get the job.

The process

First, you need to give consent for fingerprinting and authorize the background check and credit check. There is a consent form that you can fill out with your name, social security number, and address as well as a signed statement that you understand that your fingerprints will be sent to federal, state and/or local authorities.

Secondly, come to our facility for your fingerprinting. Lastly, wait until the processing is completed. It will take around 3 to 7 days depending on your past criminal records. The results will then be emailed to the requesting agency once it’s finalized. If you are proven to be clean, your fingerprints will be destroyed after being mailed to your employer.

Your Privacy

Don’t worry, the law prohibits your employer NOT to store or share fingerprints. So your secret is safe.

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