What is a DNA Mutation?

Often times during the DNA testing process, a mutation can occur. When testing parties find out that a mutation occurred during their DNA test, their initial reaction is to panic, thinking that something has gone terribly wrong with their test…But thats not necessarily true ..

So you’re probably asking yourself .. “What is a mutation?” ..

A mutation is a permanent change in the sequence of DNA. What causes a Mutation you may ask?

Mutations can be caused be caused by external or native factors. In technical terms exogenous or endogenous factors. Mutations can also be caused by errors in the DNA cellular Machinery. Physical and chemical agents are also a large cause of Mutations that occur during the testing process.

Here are a few examples of Exogenous factors and Endogenous factors:


Exogenous factors: Sunlight, smoking, radiation, or other environmental factors can cause these mutations.

Endogenous factors: Errors during DNA replication can lead to genetic changes as can toxic products of cellular metabolism.

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