Tips Before A Urine Drug Test

Many employers now require drug testing before they employ new staff members.

You may even be selected at random during your time of employment for a drug test by your employer if they suspect, or have evidence that drug use has lowered one’s work performance, or may be subjecting other staff members to imminent danger.

A urine drug test is the most common form of drug testing used to detect the presence of substance abuse.

Here are a few tips for your next drug screen:


  1. Do not consume illegal drugs
  2. Don’t take a drug detox, in order to cheat or mask the test. These kits are very unlikely to work in your favor, regardless what is advertised.
  3. Be on time for your drug screen appointment.
  4. Bring your photo I.D.
  5. Drink plenty of water or fluids prior to your appointment.
  6. If you are on prescribed medications, tell the collector before the test.

Good luck in getting – or keeping – your job!

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