Severed Foot Linked to Missing Woman Through DNA?

At this point we are aware of the fact that ANY form of DNA testing, under any circumstance, can be life changing.

Cases such as the one you will read about in this article, are horrific to say the least, but thanks to modern technology, peace of mind and closure, can be brought to family members and loved ones around the world.

Najah Ferrell…

On March 15, 2019, Najah Ferrell, of Indiana, never made it into work. A few weeks later, her personal belongings were found at one location, while her car was located in another. It was at this time, law enforcement began suspecting foul play.

Fast forward to the week of April 29th, a man fishing in Crown Point, caught a grueling catch. To his shock and surprise, a severed foot was at the end of his fishing line. Luckily, the foot had a distinctive tattoo on still visible on it.

The family of Najah Ferrell have confirmed the tattoo matched that of a tattoo their loved one also had on her foot. This is a major break in the case!This leads us to believe authorities have officially located partial remains of what’s said to be the missing mother.

The remains are currently undergoing DNA testing. Once the DNA test confirms the foot is Najah’s authorities are hoping this will lead them one step closer in finding and convicting, the person who committed such a crime.

Stay tuned into our future blogs to find out updates on this case!


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