Save Time and Reduce Risks with Live Scan Fingerprinting

When applying for an important job, it is common to find that one of the preliminary screening requirements is to have live scan fingerprinting. This is a fast and reliable method to determine if you are fit for the job; starting from making sure that you have no criminal history in the past.

What’s the difference between the old school fingerprinting with ink and paper and the live scan fingerprinting? For one, live scan fingerprinting is cleaner and saves a lot of time. There is no need to roll your fingers on an inkpad then on paper. With a Live Scan machine, fingers are rolled on a piece of glass plate to be scanned. The result will then be sent to state or federal agencies for the background checks to be run.

Generally, government agencies will require you to have this fingerprinting test. Other important jobs like child care provider, pilot, pharmacist, etc. will also benefit in having this information of the future employees to reduce risks of abuse. DNASU provides live scan fingerprinting for CA Department of Justice (DOJ), and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). No appointment needed for this service. Simply walk in, and we will help you with your fingerprinting need.

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