Drug Free Work Policy

Are you aware of the legal implications and high cost your business could incur due to alcohol or drug use in the workplace?

A drug and alcohol testing policies will help to ensure the safety of your employees and others around them. When enforced it becomes a deterrent for substance abusers. For employees who work at your company, they will be aware of the consequences and legal costs of their actions if substance abuse is a factor. A well written policy will also help to maintain your company’s reputation and safeguard your company’s assets from damages or lose and reduce absenteeism and increase team morale.

Our professionally written policy will address everything relating to drugs and alcohol use. The details will be outlined in a formal document. This policy will clearing define your company’s stance on drugs and alcohol use in the workplace. It will provide clear instructions for employees and employers when it comes to information on non-compliance and drug or alcohol use, details on how abuse issues will be handled and a procedure whereby employees with a substance abuse problem can seek assistance.

You must know, employers and workplaces that wish to carry out drug and alcohol testing on employees must have an updated workplace policy in place. Let us help!


Upon making this purchase you will be required to complete an online questionnaire form so we can personalize your policy.

After submission and payment processing we will began working on your policy. Turnaround time for completion is 7-10 business days.

Each policy is customized to comply with state specific drug and alcohol testing regulations.


This drug test form must be completed before check out. The info is required in order to create your donor pass. A donor pass must be presented at the collection site with a valid photo ID. Once the form is complete, you will be able to proceed and check out. Your donor pass will be emailed to you, in most cases same day, or within 24 hours. ALL DONOR PASSES ARE VALID FOR (7) DAYS. Collection site is selected based on the zip code you provided.

Once the order is submitted there are NO REFUNDS. You can only request an extension or drug test credit in case of cancelation.

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