DNA Infidelity Testing


The entire process is completed in (3) quick and easy steps. The results are accurate and confidential.

Step 1: Sample Collection:

We collect a buccal swab sample from the parties involved and any suspicious stains or samples (such as linens, tissue, undergarments, clothing, tissue, etc.) that can be used for testing purposes.

Step 2: DNA Screening:

Next we will provide you with the results that will confirm or deny the presence of male and/or female cells on any item submitted for testing.

If no DNA is present on the samples submitted, then the test is concluded with an inconclusive test report being delivered.

Step 3: DNA Comparison:

If DNA is detected on the item, then the DNA buccal swab sample will be compared to the profile from the screening to determine a genetic match or mismatch.

We are trusted by private investigators nationwide to deliver fast and confidential results.


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Includes (1) suspicious sample, buccal swab sample from one individual, results results from DNA Screening and DNA Comparison.


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