How is Prenatal Paternity Test Processed?


What exactly is a prenatal paternity test and what are their processing times?


Prenatal paternity tests, also known as Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity Test (NIPP), is a non-invasive paternity test that you can take before birth. Did you know that over 40% of the births taking place in the United States are to single mothers? If you are a woman who has found herself in this situation, a NIPP may be exactly what you need.


This test can be performed as early as the 8th week of pregnancy. DNA is collected from the mother with a simple blood draw and then subsequent DNA is collected from the potential father using a few different methods, with the most common being a cheek swab. Both samples are then sent to a lab for analysis.


Results for prenatal paternity tests are generally returned within a week, once the test has been sent off to be analyzed. When the results are received, they can be read in one of two ways: 1) if the man tested is determined to be the father, the report will show a 99% or greater probability of paternity, and 2) if the man tested is not the father, the report will show a 0% probability of paternity.

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