What is the Chain of Custody Process for Paternity Test

If you are in a custody battle for a child that is possibly yours, or you need to prove to the court that you are indeed your father’s child and the rightful heir to claim your inheritance, you might be asked the take a legal paternity test. To conduct this test, the chain of custody will be performed by a professional laboratory or hospital, such as DNASU, to ensure that the result is reliable.

Chain of Custody for paternity test is a series of procedures that is carried out to ensure that the sample being tested matches the identity of the person that undertakes it.

The first step involves a neutral third party, usually a competent physician, to crosscheck the identity of the tested person before taking his or her DNA sample. This step is necessary to avoid tampered samples.

The appointed third party then sends the samples to the laboratory for the DNA test check. All these samples have to be logged in and recorded during each step of the lab testing; including the documentation of the date/time, the location, and the person who performed every single step.

With legal paternity test that follows the above procedures, you can provide a strong evidence to court to help your case – or to fail it if the result is not what you expect. Whenever you are ready for the truth, you can call DNASU for more info 800.215.9948.

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