Know the Truth

Questions such as: “Is this really my child?” or “Is the man I’ve called “dad” for the past 20 years, really my father?”, cross the minds of thousands of people on a daily basis. With new-aged technology, DNA paternity testing can be used to help solve all of your unanswered questions. It may come by surprise, but DNA testing is not as complicated to understand as some may think. How the process works may ease the minds of those who need it most.

Most DNA testing laboratories currently collect samples using a “buccal swab”, also known as a cheek swab. This process is less invasive then collecting blood samples. By rubbing the buccal swab on the inside of the cheek, you can collect skin cells that make up your genetic profile.

A child inherits his or her DNA from both biological parents. Once samples are collected, the profile of the alleged father is compared the child’s profile. This is when the biological relationship is proved or disproved.

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