Immigrant Visa Petitions & DNA Testing

Lately, immigration has been a huge topic in the United States. There’s a ton of talk about immigration and how to come over to the U.S. legally. Did you know that immigrants are often DNA tested to receive their immigration visas?


Individuals from all over the world seek immigrant visas when they are looking to make the United States their permanent residence. In order to first apply for an immigration visa, the applicant must have a U.S. sponsor, which is someone that is either a relative that is a U.S. citizen, a green card holder, or a potential employer. The very first step in applying for an immigration visa is filing a petition with the USCIS.


Sometimes, when a foreigner is seeking a immigrant visa, a DNA test may, and most often will, accompany their application process. A DNA test will be performed in order to establish that familial relationships exist. DNA tests that may take place are often paternity tests, maternity test, and full or half-siblingship tests. Ultimately the DNA test is voluntary, and all costs associated with the test must be paid by the applicant before testing can begin.


DNA, or genetic, testing does not guarantee that the applicant will be issued an immigrant visa.

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