Hair Follicle Drug Testing Facts & Myths

You are one step away from getting your dream job and your future boss asks you to do a hair follicle drug test to make sure you’re clean and ready for the job. Panicking, you wonder if there is a special shampoo that can wipe out the trace of the recreational drug you took last weekend. First, learn the FACTS and MYTHS about hair follicle drug testing.

Myth: I haven’t use drugs in over a month, do you think my test will be negative?
Fact: You might have gotten away with urine test, but your hair saves a lot more history than your urine. Urine drug testing traces drug use in the last 7 days; your hair pretty much records everything. A standard hair follicle drug testing requires about 1.5 inch of your head hair, which depicts approximately 3 months of drug use history. 

Myth: I don’t use all the time, it’s periodic, so I‘m pretty sure I should pass my test.
Fact: Hair follicle drug testing measures by the period, not by the frequency of drug consumption. Even if you used only a few times in the past three months, you may still test positive. 

Myth: My friend told me there was a shampoo to wash out traces of drugs in my hair.
Fact: There’s NO shampoo or any other remedy that can “cleanse” your drugged hair. Once the drug enters your bloodstream, it is embedded in your hair follicle and resides there basically until your hair grows then falls out.

Myth: I hope I don’t fail my drug test since I inhaled secondhand weed smoke at a party last weekend.
Fact: You will likely pass your drug test because there are acceptable low levels to confirm you may not have been inhaling and just in an environment where marijuana was being used.

So unless you shave every single hair off your entire body (yes, body hair can be used for this test!), your employer can see your drug history.
To avoid this embarrassment you can walk in and request a hair follicle drug test to prove or disprove your usage. Call today for pricing. 800.215.9948

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