Fun Facts About Fraternal Twins


  1. Did you know that unlike identical twins, fraternal twins actually develop from two completely different eggs & sperm. Identical twins are formed when a fertilized egg splits into two after conception, while fraternal twins never came from the same egg and sperm to begin with.
  2. Fraternal twins don’t share the same DNA like identical twins do; they share the same genetic makeup just like any pair of normal siblings would. They have overlapping qualities from both of their parents, but aren’t a perfect genetic match.
  3. Fraternal twins can actually be genetic. Fraternal twins happen whenever a woman releases two eggs during ovulation. This is called hyperovulation and this can actually be a genetic trait. A woman with the gene can pass it onto their daughter, and then their likelihood of having twins is increased.
  4. They can have two different fathers. Although not very common, fraternal twins can not only be conceived at two different times (i.e. a day or two apart), but they can also have different fathers. This happens when a woman who has ovulated with multiple eggs has sexual intercourse with one man and conceives and then has sex with another man and conceives once again. This fair occurrence is called superfecundation.
  5. They can be different genders. This fact is obvious, but since fraternal twins aren’t identical, one can be a male while the other is female. There’s even been a few occurrences when fraternal twins, conceived by a white and black mother and father, have actually be born as different races. Crazy!

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