Dominant Traits

What exactly is a dominant trait? Do you have them? Of course you do! A genetic trait is considered dominant when a person only has one copy of that gene, while a recessive trait is expressed only when two copies of the gene are present.


So what are some examples of dominant traits?


  1. Dimples (dominant) vs. No dimples (recessive)
  2. Freckles (dominant) vs. No freckles (recessive)
  3. Brown/Hazel eyes (dominant) vs. Green/Blue eyes (recessive)
  4. Free ear lobes (dominant) vs. Attached ear lobes (recessive)
  5. Dark hair color (dominant) vs. Light hair color (recessive)
  6. Widow’s peak (dominant) vs. Straight hair lines (recessive)
  7. Bent pinkies (dominant) vs. Straight pinkies (recessive)
  8. Rolling your tongue (dominant) vs. Not being able to roll your tongue (recessive)
  9. Cleft chin (dominant) vs. Smooth chin (recessive)
  10. Color blindness

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