DNA & Your Diet

Why do diet’s fail? Well,according to a California-based startup, diets fail because none of them focus on the dieter’s unique genetic makeup. So can our DNA show us what diet can work best for our bodies?

What’s the main focus on dieting? Losing weight, of course! Typically when a person diets, they tend to decrease the number of calories that would consume. But as more and more research is starting to suggest, one of the main reasons why diets continue to fail is because all food can affect people in extremely different ways. Chicken and veggies can provide more nutritional benefits for some and less for others — and glucose levels can also spike in a variety of different ways depending on the person being studied. For these reasons alone, it’s IMPOSSIBLE to create a “one size fits all” type of diet that will work for a large majority. That’s why scientists are starting to turn to nutrigenomics. What is nutrigenomics? It’s all about analyzing and studying our DNA to figure out what foods will personally make us the healthiest.

What do you think? Do you think you’ll start letting your genetic makeup dictate your daily diet?

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