Crimes Solved By DNA: Suzanne Bombardier

This crime was actually just recently solved; it just goes to show you the power of DNA.


Almost four decades ago, a 14-year-old girl named Suzanne Bombardier was abducted and killed while she was babysitting. For almost four decades, the identity of her killer remained a mystery. The teen was babysitting in June 1980, when she went missing in the middle of the night, only to be found dead in the San Joaquin River a week later. She was stabbed in the heart. Evidence also revealed that she had been sexually assaulted.


In December of 2017, Antioch police found new DNA evidence that ultimately let to the arrest of her suspected killer. Through DNA testing, the police were led to 63-year-old Michael Lynn Bacom. The DNA had actually been tested before, but it wasn’t until scientific advances were made later that the police would be able to accurately identify a suspect.


The arrest closes the oldest open-cold case homicide on record with the department

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