Are Cheek Swab Samples and Blood Samples the Same?

To answer that question simply, YES.

When it comes to DNA testing, there are (2) common methods of collecting samples; buccal swab (cheek swab) or blood. What many people don’t know is, the results obtained when extracting DNA by swab or blood are EXACTLY the same.

Here’s a few reasons why a cheek swab sample is a preferred method when it comes to DNA testing..

1. It can be beneficial for the client ..
– Using a cheek swab for DNA testing is non-invasive, quick, and an overall easier technique for sample collection. The client is not getting poked or prodded, and the sample collection process flows a lot smoother, especially if a child’s sample needs to be collected.

2. It can be beneficial for the lab TOO!
– Scientists prefer extracting DNA from buccal swabs over blood samples. The extraction is a much simpler process!

Fun Fact: Did you know that you can have a paternity test performed using just toothbrushes???

A toothbrush is in and out of your mouth constantly. There are cells along the inside of your cheek that carry a significant amount of DNA. When you’re brushing your teeth, those cells are falling off by the millions, enabling your toothbrush to become an excellent source for obtaining DNA!!


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