We are a fully comprehensive DNA collection company. We offer a wide variety of DNA and drug testing services. Our headquarters in located in Hemet, California. We have one of the largest DNA collection networks available, so no matter where you are we can coordinate a collection near your home, office or any other place you designate. In many areas in the US we offer mobile services for your convenience.

Our prices are competitive and affordable. We provide the most accurate testing services and accessibility to clients all over the world. Each case is assigned a highly qualified case coordinator to assist with the process from beginning to end. We guarantee 100% accuracy and our results are delivered in as little as 3-5 business days. We pride ourselves in offering a streamline process that is easy and convenient for all.

With our experience and years in the business we understand how the services should be delivered. Our approach is unbiased and neutral, and all services are completely confidential. Our staff is highly trained and committed to providing unmatched services.

We’re just a phone call away, so call  1.800.215.9948, when you’re ready for the TRUTH!

DNASU is a professional collection facility with highly skilled and knowledgable staff. Our contracted laboratories are accredited by the agencies listed below:
American Association of Blood Banks (AABB) ,Forensic Quality Services – International (FQS-I/ISO IEC 17025), New York Department of Health, College of American Pathologist (CAP), The American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors/Laboratory, Accreditations Board – International (ASCLD/LAB International) and the Clinical Labortory Improvement Amendment. These programs provide external review and approval of the laboratory systems and quality.