5 Surprising Facts About Forensic Science


  1. Teeth are typically the most reliable identifiers when it comes to identifying a corpse. Teeth are bones, and bones last a long time so that’s why teeth are typically used to identify bodies — they are correct around 93% of the time.
  2. Did you know that hair roots can help identify gender? Hair found at a crime scene can be very helpful in terms of evidence, but only the hair root contains a person’s DNA and that can help determine a person’s gender.
  3. Testing takes a lot longer than what’s portrayed in your favorite TV show. Truth be told, it can take up to two or three weeks for DNA test results to come back from the lab for forensics results.
  4. Bugs can help solve a crime. It’s actually called forensic entomology. While bugs can’t actually solve a crime, investigators are able to look inside of an insect’s (typically a maggot) stomach and is able to determine how long a body has been decomposing.
  5. This one is random, but glitter is PERFECT when it comes to evidence. For one, it’s easily transferable from one person to another. Two, since it’s something not so obvious (unlike blood), suspects probably won’t wash it off immediately, if it even comes off their bodies at all. And lastly, it’s easy to fine with the shine of a flashlight. The likelihood that a crime scene involves glitter is not very likely, but… the more you know. 🙂

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