Top 5 Viable DNA Samples Used For Testing

Daily, we receive calls with questions asking “What kind of samples can I use to do a DNA test?” Below we’ve listed the top 5 DNA samples we recommend be submitted to be used for DNA testing purposes! 5 Recommended DNA Samples 1. Blood 2. Buccal Swab 3. Fingernails 4. Toothbrush 5. Chewing Gum Tip: […]

What is DNA Made Of?

DNA is made up of molecules called “nucleotides.” Nucleotides contain a sugar group, phosphate group, and a nitrogen base. There are (4) types of nitrogen bases: 1. Thymine 2. Guanine 3. Cytosine 4. Adenine These bases, and the order in which they are formed, are what generate a genetic code, also known as, “DNA Instructions.”

Severed Foot Linked to Missing Woman Through DNA?

At this point we are aware of the fact that ANY form of DNA testing, under any circumstance, can be life changing. Cases such as the one you will read about in this article, are horrific to say the least, but thanks to modern technology, peace of mind and closure, can be brought to family […]