Crimes Solved by DNA: Patricia Beard, 1981

1981 … Denver, Colorado … Patrica Beard was violently strangled in her studio apartment. Patricias gruesome murder would later be the 100th murder to be solved in July 2013 by a group known as Denver Cold Case team. At the time, 32 year old Patrica Beard was known to be mentally disabled. Her family would […]

Top 5 Viable DNA Samples Used For Testing

Daily, we receive calls with questions asking “What kind of samples can I use to do a DNA test?” Below we’ve listed the top 5 DNA samples we recommend be submitted to be used for DNA testing purposes! 5 Recommended DNA Samples 1. Blood 2. Buccal Swab 3. Fingernails 4. Toothbrush 5. Chewing Gum Tip: […]

What is DNA Made Of?

DNA is made up of molecules called “nucleotides.” Nucleotides contain a sugar group, phosphate group, and a nitrogen base. There are (4) types of nitrogen bases: 1. Thymine 2. Guanine 3. Cytosine 4. Adenine These bases, and the order in which they are formed, are what generate a genetic code, also known as, “DNA Instructions.”

Severed Foot Linked to Missing Woman Through DNA?

At this point we are aware of the fact that ANY form of DNA testing, under any circumstance, can be life changing. Cases such as the one you will read about in this article, are horrific to say the least, but thanks to modern technology, peace of mind and closure, can be brought to family […]

(3) DNA Terms You Need To Know

1. Allelle: Pair or series of genes on a chromosome, that determine the hereditary characteristics.(aka, “DNA Markers.”) 2. Probability of Paternity: Overall likelihood of paternity expressed as a percentage. 3. Combined Paternity Index: An odds ratio indicating how many times more likely it is that the possible father is indeed, the biological father, rather than […]

Identical Twins: Which Brother Is The Biological Father?

Let’s take it back to the basics in regards to identical twins … A very common question: “Do identical twins share the exact same genetic makeup?” General studies would say “YES! identical twins do indeed share identical DNA profiles.” But what if I told you that although identical twins come from the same fertilized egg, […]

4 Reasons Your Child’s DNA May Not Match Yours At Every Marker!

Here are (4) main reasons your child’s DNA may not match your DNA at every marker: (1) The match is from the other biological parent. (2) The match is related to both you and the parent of your child, but doesn’t share enough DNA with you to show on their genetic makeup. (3) The match […]

Can DNA Be Transferred With A Simple Handshake?

Did you know… A 10 second handshake can transfer one person’s DNA to another person or object, that the first person has never even touched before? According to forensic scientist Cynthia Cale, during a handshake experiment, a person who’d never picked up a knife, became the major source of DNA on the handle of the […]

Dubai Wants To DNA Test Its Millions of Residents to Prevent Genetic Disease

The city of Dubai is already incredibly advanced, and now they are planning to attempt to wipe out genetic diseases in their country. They have launched a project called the Dubai 10X Initiative where they hope to end diseases due to genetic disorders and create customized treatment plans. A government organization is planning to create […]