Finding Unknown Relatives Through DNA Testing

A ton of us have gaps in our family trees. What do you really know about your paternal great-great grandfather? Or your maternal great-grandmother? Some people can shrug off the unknown without a second thought, while others desperately need to fill in the gaps to get a better understanding of who they actually are. How […]

DNA Pop Quiz!

Let’s test your DNA knowledge! 1. What does DNA stand for? a) deoxynucleic acid b) deoxyribonucleic acid c) do not abbreviate d) deoxynucleic arm 2. Thymine always pairs with: a) adenine b) cytosine c) guanine d) Rna 3. The DNA molecule is held together by: a) hydrogen bonds b) magnetism c) glucose d) glue 4. […]

DNA Fingerprinting

Have you ever been fingerprinted? For a job? A volunteering opportunity? Or just out of curiosity? If you want to learn more about DNA fingerprinting and why it’s important, keep on reading below. DNA fingerprinting is a test that helps identify and evaluate the genetic information that is found in DNA. The test is used […]

Black and White Twins: Fact or Fiction?

You may have seen pictures or heard stories where “twins” look completely different. One has blonde hair, while the other is a brunette. One is very tall, while the other is on the shorter side. One is black, while the other is white — wait what? How is this possible? “Twins who look so different […]

DNA And Saliva

If you’ve ever gotten a DNA test, you may know, there are numerous ways to collect your DNA. One of those ways is through collecting your saliva. How exactly are DNA & saliva connected? Read on to find out more. 1) The majority of DNA found in saliva is of human origin: The majority of […]