Top 3 Legal Situations That Require a Paternity Test


  1. Child Support & Custody

If a couple is together and they share a child, the question of where the child will go if that couple splits up comes into play. Will the child go with the mother or the father? What about visitation rights? Child support? If the couple is legally married before the child is conceived and then born, in most cases the man will be responsible to pay for child support. But if the couple is not married but share a child together, paternity tests will be administered to establish a relationship between the father and the child.

  1. Immigration

DNA is always the go-to method for all government officials to help prove familial relationships whenever the proper documents (i.e. birth certificates) are not present. Immigration paternity (and maternity) tests can be ordered to prove relationships, and they can also include sibling and grandparent tests. These tests are performed whenever someone is immigrating into the United States and has a relative already in the States willing to sponsor them.

  1.  Inheritance

In some instances, there are situations where inheritance rights can get jumbled and tricky. A DNA test can quickly put any inheritance doubts to rest, and people will be able to have what is rightfully theirs.

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