Common External Factors that Cause DNA Mutations

There are a few things that can cause DNA mutations. Realistically, almost anything can cause a mutation in DNA. Here are a few of the most common external factors that cause DNA mutations.


Radiation. Having prolonged exposure to radiation isn’t good for anyone. Did you know that it can also affect your DNA? Radiation treatments such as simple x-rays and exposure to UV radiations can cause DNA to mutate.


Heat. And when we say heat, we mean extreme heat. Being exposed to extreme heat for prolonged periods of time can cause DNA mutations.


Infectious Agents. Viral or bacterial DNA can cause changes in our DNA and cause DNA mutations if not treated effectively and quickly.


Chemical Factors. Certain chemicals that react with DNA molecules (such as alkylators like include ethyl methane sulfonate, methyl methane sulfonate, etc.) can cause DNA mutations.

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