DNA Pop Quiz!

Let’s test your DNA knowledge!

1. What does DNA stand for?
a) deoxynucleic acid
b) deoxyribonucleic acid
c) do not abbreviate
d) deoxynucleic arm

2. Thymine always pairs with:
a) adenine
b) cytosine
c) guanine
d) Rna

3. The DNA molecule is held together by:
a) hydrogen bonds
b) magnetism
c) glucose
d) glue

4. The process by which DNA makes a copy of itself is called:
a) synthesis
b) replication
c) photocopying
d) duplication

5. What is the twisted ladder shape of DNA is called?
a) a twisted loop
b) deoxyribose flip
c) double helix
d) double membrane

6. How is RNA different from DNA?
a) it has a different kind of sugar
b) it has uracil
c) it is single stranded
d) all of the above

Ready to see how you did? Check your answers below!

1 = a, 2 = a, 3 = a, 4 = b, 5 = c, 6 = d


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