Let’s test your DNA knowledge!

1. What does DNA stand for?
a) deoxynucleic acid
b) deoxyribonucleic acid
c) do not abbreviate
d) deoxynucleic arm

2. Thymine always pairs with:
a) adenine
b) cytosine
c) guanine
d) Rna

3. The DNA molecule is held together by:
a) hydrogen bonds
b) magnetism
c) glucose
d) glue

4. The process by which DNA makes a copy of itself is called:
a) synthesis
b) replication
c) photocopying
d) duplication

5. What is the twisted ladder shape of DNA is called?
a) a twisted loop
b) deoxyribose flip
c) double helix
d) double membrane

6. How is RNA different from DNA?
a) it has a different kind of sugar
b) it has uracil
c) it is single stranded
d) all of the above

Ready to see how you did? Check your answers below!

1 = a, 2 = a, 3 = a, 4 = b, 5 = c, 6 = d