DNA And Saliva

If you’ve ever gotten a DNA test, you may know, there are numerous ways to collect your DNA. One of those ways is through collecting your saliva. How exactly are DNA & saliva connected? Read on to find out more.

1) The majority of DNA found in saliva is of human origin: The majority of DNA from saliva comes from white blood cells and, in humans, bacteria. When extracting DNA from saliva, bacterial DNA is recovered along with the human DNA.

2) It’s reliable to replace blood with saliva for DNA analysis: Drawing and collecting blood is considered the “norm” for DNA quality and it’s practiced across hospitals, clinics, and labs worldwide. However, many people don’t realize that saliva is ALSO a proven option for DNA analysis. Not to mention non-invasive!

3) Collecting DNA from saliva is cheaper than collecting DNA from blood: This fact is pretty self-explanatory. On average, blood tests can be around $40 per sample (although on the surface they may seem free). DNA collected from saliva can cost around 40% – 80% less.

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