Are They Cheating?

We’ve all been there in our relationships when the doubt starts to creep in. Who are they texting? Why do they keep coming home from the office so “late?” Are they cheating on me?

Roughly 60% of all individuals involved in a relationship will engage in infidelity at some point. The thought of a significant other or spouse cheating can be emotional and mentally draining. You’ve invested your all into a relationship, and now that person may be betraying your trust.

Cheating and infidelity is real and it happens everyday. Put your suspicions to rest with our state of the art Infidelity DNA Test. Although the test results are not legally admissible in court, you will know the truth!

The entire process is completed in (3) quick and easy steps. The results are accurate and confidential.

Step 1: Sample Collection

We collect a buccal swab sample from the parties involved and any suspicious stains or samples (such as linens, tissue, undergarments, clothing, tissue, etc.) that can be used for testing purposes.

Step 2: DNA Screening

Next we will provide you with the results that will confirm or deny the presence of male and/or female cells on any item submitted for testing.

If no DNA is present on the samples submitted, then the test is concluded with an inconclusive test report being delivered.

Step 3: DNA Comparison

If DNA is detected on the item, then the DNA buccal swab sample will be compared to the profile from the screening to determine a genetic match or mismatch.

We are trusted by private investigators nationwide to deliver fast and confidential results. So if you have your suspicions, put them to rest by utilizing our Infidelity DNA Test today.


This drug test form must be completed before check out. The info is required in order to create your donor pass. A donor pass must be presented at the collection site with a valid photo ID. Once the form is complete, you will be able to proceed and check out. Your donor pass will be emailed to you, in most cases same day, or within 24 hours. ALL DONOR PASSES ARE VALID FOR (7) DAYS. Collection site is selected based on the zip code you provided.

Once the order is submitted there are NO REFUNDS. You can only request an extension or drug test credit in case of cancelation.

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